Core i7 having problems at 70+ degrees C

Everytime my I7-930 reaches 70 degrees C according to RealTemp, which is during games, it starts stuttering badly and I hear this weird whining sound coming from somewhere in my computer. If I do nothing the computer will then windows will initiate a shutdown. I don't know if this is definitely because of CPU temperature, because I've read that the i7 should be able to tolerate 70 degrees, but something is definitely happening around that point when I play intensive games. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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  1. You might be hitting the limit of your power supply. The i7's will do well over 70C and not shut down from heat.
  2. The weird whining sound is probably your overheating alarm, your CPU is probably throttling at that temperature which gives you the stutter, and your system is shutting down to protect itself. Check that your CPU cooler is on tightly, if your arent OCing your CPU should not be getting near 70C, even if you are OCing if you are hitting 70C that easily its time to get a better cooler.
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