Can I add an SSD to this system?

I have a full sized tower with a rampage iv extreme with two one TB HDs set up in what I believe is a raid 0 configuration. I want to add an intel 520 Cherryville 240gb SSD but I don't know if my motherboard can handle an SSD while still keeping the other two HDs. Can I have all 3 set up at once? Ideally id like to be able to install OS on SSD along with games and use the two other HDs for storage. Can this be done? And can anyone link me to any good video guides on how to add in an SSD?
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  1. Yes you can add another HD. As long as you have enough available ports on your motherboard to add an additional HD and a power supply that is strong enough to power all of your components you will be just fine! Good luck and enjoy the SSD when you do purchase one.
  2. Yes, it can be done. :)
    You need a SATAIII cable to plug into the SSD on one end and a free SATAIII slot on your motherboard. The rest look up.
  3. Thanks, you guys are so helpful. That sounds pretty simple.
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