Sapphire 5670 or HIS ICEQ 5670?

Hello,i want to upgrade my PC and want to play CODWoW2, which suit for my PC? I use 500w Acbel PSU, 2Gb of RAM and 19 inch LCD ASUS monitor. so Sapphire 5670 or HIS Iceq 5670 or Digital Alliance GT240 Sonic?
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  1. The HIS HD5670 because of the superior cooling.
  2. HIS with ICEQ or Sapphire with Arctic Cooling, which is superior cooling?
  3. the HIS probably does have better cooling, however i've heard weird things about their cards having a higher idle clock for some reason. both are kind of overkill for the 5670, which does fine with smaller single slot coolers. i have the sapphire and it never goes past 55c at load.
    also, if you were planning on getting the 1gb for either, i just thought i'd mention that you won't see any increase in performance over the 512 mb version at the resolution you're probably running. and if you were to be in a situation where it did offer more performance, it'd only be at unbearably low framerates. i dunno if you were gonna get the 1gb, but just in case.

    that being said, i don't think the 5670 is really necessary for you. it has a sorta specific niche for people that want to get the most graphics bang out of their cheap psu's. for the same price on newegg you can get a 4850 which is leagues above the 5670 in performance. it consumes more power, but you're psu should handle it just fine.
  4. does 4850 featuring dx.11 just like 5670? 4850 512 mb 256 bit ddr3 > 5670 1 gb 128 bit gdd5 in performance? which is important big memory or bit bandwith?
  5. Hello, Faisal.

    HD4850 doesn't support dx.11 but more powerful than HD5670.
    HD4850 also consumes more power, it requires 6pin power connector from PSU. (your PSU is enough)

    What is your processor? How much do u want to spend?
  6. my processor intel core 2 duo e4600 2,4 ghz, i want to spend about 110 - 120$ for new vga.
  7. get the 4850, the 5670 isn't powerful enough to take advantage of dx11 anyways.

    for that price range, and for someone with a decent power supply, the 4850 is the best option
  8. right now i have three candidates, His Iceq4 4850 1 gb vs Power Color 4850 1gb vs Sapphire hd 4850 512 mb, which one of them is good for me?
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    Get HIS IceQ 4 HD4850 1 gb, you will happy with that card... :)
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