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I have a dual core e7300 at 2.6ghz and a gts 250 (512 mb). would my cpu bottleneck my gpu and what settings should i expect to play on using this combination. I also have 4 gb of ram, 450w psu, 750gb HD. I have a 1080p monitor so i would like to take advantage of at least running the game at full HD with high settings if not ultra settings. my motherboard is a ecs gf7050vt-m
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  1. Here is a THG article that suggests your CPU might be holding back the video card: StarCraft II Beta: Game Performance Analyzed

  2. I don't the GTS250 would be bottlenecked by the E7300. They are products of pretty much the same era! So i don't think there would be any worries there!
  3. also would 512 mb of ram be enough to run the game at 1080p using high settings?
  4. There could be a problem there. At higher resolutions the higher video memory comes in handy. I dont know if it would handle the game or not coz i dont have Starcraft 2 and a GTS250. But maybe this would help.,2611.html

    Also try OC'ing your E7300.
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