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Hello Toms Community ! :hello:

Im here for your all knowing wisdom !


High end 'Core i5' or low end 'Core i7' ?

Apologies as ive been living in the Core 2 Duo days ! :sarcastic:

Its going to be put into a new rig (which im still working on, obv a lot depending on the CPU) used for gaming, im looking for very high end graphics (i understand about GPU commitment) and likelihood of survival in the future of CPU's ... always a good price-quality ratio =D

For the GPU side, ive got my head set at 'HD 4870' x2 for price-quality ratio ? OR maybe 'GTX 460' x2 ?

Thanks in advance :D
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  1. I'd say high end i5, theres probably loads of threads on here about i7's not being too good gamingwise but I dont pay much attention to intel stuff myself hehe
    Gfx wise, step up from the 4870's, your after at least 5770's or the 460's
    Have a scan through this, its updated each month if you take your time over buying,
    But meantime, maybe a thread on homebuild section with http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/261222-13-build-advice filled in will attract more advice and help,
  2. The high end i5 would do anything a standard user needs. Not to mention i5 750/760 can OC easily to 4.0ghz (depending on the Heatsink) The 750/760 would be your best choice though as they are quad cores for a great price.

    Your gpu solution Crossfire 5770's would be good as they equal one 5870, and that just 300$ equal a 400$ card. But the 460 GTX SLI also scale well as two is 400$ and equal a 500$ card. They both scale well and 8x/8x mobo would change much as 8x/8x vs 16x/16x is only 1-2% difference, not even noticeable. I personally would go with 5770 (XD I'm an ATI fanboy) but, the best bang for buck is the 460 SLI, or save some dough and go with the 5770 Crossfire.
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