Also onyl half of my RAM shows up with Asus P87567 Pro

I just built a new PC and only half of my memory shows up. My build is

-Sandy Bridge i7 2500k
-Asus p8p67 PRo
-2 x Mushkin Enhanced Silverline 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-PinDDR3 1333 totaling 16 GB Ram only *gb being recognized
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  1. Is it recognized in the BIOS or CPU-z? Is it seated correctly?
  2. sometimes it shows up as 16 GB and sometimes it shows up only as 8 GB in both the BIOS and in Windows. I pulled out all the RAM and re-installed it the first time I noticed that only half the memory was showing up, and then it showed up as 16 GB. but then the next time I restarted it, it showed up as 8 GB again. I tried using memtest after mounting it to a disc, so I can see if it is the memory that is faulty, but could not successfully boot computer from disc. I think windows 7 OS disc, has a memory detector but I don't have the physical disc. Any suggestions? I am new to PCs.
  3. Try increasing the DRAM Voltage to 1.6v and see if that fixes it. Many boards need extra voltage to work correctly when all memory slots are filled.
  4. Are the contacts clean?
  5. that's a good point. The Memory was brand new, but I will check. thanks.
  6. I used memtest and it showed 16 GB of memory cached. I went into BIOS and increased DRAM voltage to 1.6 v. It still shows up as 8GB of memory sometimes in BIOS and in Windows Control Panel. I bought some rubbing alcohol to try to clean the contacts but since it showed up in memtest, I figure it is a BIOS problem. I have NOT updated the BIOS. Can this solve the problem?
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    Try it. It may solve it, but possibly not.
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