New Build Troubleshooting: Power but no video output

Hello all,

So this was my first build. I was so excited to build this but after all the trouble Ive been through I'm tired, frustrated, and in need of your help. Here's the specs:

Phenom II X4 955 Processor
Asus M4A87TD EVO Motherboard
G Skill Ripjaws 4GB RAM
HIS IceQ Radeon 5770 Video Card
OCZ ModxStream 600W Power Supply
Samsung Spinpoint F3 500GB Hard Drive
NZXT Lexa S Case

The Problem:
I initially installed everything into the case and when I powered on, there was no video output but case fans and leds, CPU fan, and the video card fan were all running. No beeps from internal speaker. So after no luck I followed this guide line by line, double checked EVERYTHING.

With the CPU, motherboard, PSU, and video card connected to my monitor, no video output, but the CPU fan still runs and the video card fan runs, the latter running ridiculously loud. Mobo power light on. Also, no beeps are being output from the internal speaker which is also connected. No RAM was connected and same result occurs with all combinations of slot placement of RAM.

With CPU, motherboard, and PSU, CPU fan runs, mobo power light on, no beeps.

I tried the PSU with my only other desktop and it worked fine.

Is it safe to say that the problem can be rooted to the mobo or processor?
If not, then what?
If the processor is defective is there a indicator that will conclude this for me ? (beep code?, mobo light?)
Am I missing anything?

I've gotta admit the troubleshooting process was kinda fun for a bit, got to learn a lot about the hardware but after 4 days of this is too much , at this point I just want a working computer.
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  1. 1. Did you try breadboarding?

    2. No beep codes unless you have a case speaker installed. If you do beep codes are in MOBO manual. If there are GPU, RAM, CPU or MOBO issues there will be beeps, if case speakers installed correctly.

    3. Are you sure the PSU is connected properly?

    4. Does the GPU have a 6 pin plugged into it?

    5. If your monitor set to accept the input from your GPU? IE is it on DVI, or HDMI or w/e u're using? Won't work if it's an IDE connector.

    6. Have you tested your RAM and GPU in another computer? Or tried plugging in a known to work GPU or RAM?
  2. 1. Yes, did all of my tests aside from the initial test with all hardware out of case.

    2. My new case didn't come with a speaker but I used the case speaker from my old desktop. The speaker functioned with the old desktop. I connected the red wire to the pin labelled Speaker and black to the 5V labelled pin on my mobo.

    3. Yup, checked everything.

    4. Yup.

    5. I'm using DVI, tried multiple cables which have worked in the past.

    6. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to do so since I don't have any other computer, RAM or, GPU to test with. I'm pretty sure its not the RAM though since when no RAM is inserted, the appropriate beep isn't even output. I haven't heard any beeps at all actually.
  3. 1. Bread boarding is testing with all hardware out of the case.
    2. If the speaker is functioning properly, you should hear a beep no matter if it's fail to POST or posting. So something there is wrong. Could be a bad MOBO.

    If it's a display issue, you need RAM plugged in to get a display. You also need a functional GPU to output the display. No way around it. You need either swap in good components, or test current components in a good build.

    you could always just get components from a local store with a good return policy.
  4. Ya with RAM plugged in still nothing. The speaker's functioning, and ya no beeps whatsoever. Did a lot of reading and seems like there's no way to test whether a GPU is working without connecting it to other working components which I don't have. If the GPU fan runs is that no guarantee that its okay? (The fan's running at like full speed, ridiculously loud) I'll buy another motherboard tomorrow to test on and see how it goes.
  5. For anyone curious I took the motherboard to a local computer store and they verified it was defective. Thanks for the help guys.
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