Windows xp doesnt load desktop

My computer loads Windows XP easily until the wallpaper and than stops. At first it was an intermitend problem, now it is always so. If I wait long enought, screen saver begins and with task manager it is possible to open any program, one each time. Antivirus and other self updating programs continue working fine (althought the can't be seen, as there is no taskbar.To close the computer normally one has to do it using task manager.Searching the internet I noted that this seems to be a common problem, tried out some sugestions but none worked.
Things I tried so long:
- end process rundll32.;exe > this process isn't running.
- try to open explorer.exe >nothing happens
- try to edit registry in case Explorer.exe wasn't writen in Shell line > was already there.
-runn XP exe fix and Linkfile fix > nothing happened
So please help me.
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  1. Sounds like a few Windows errors in your system.

    Try "HDD Regenerator" it should be able to fix your problems. Download it and make the USB bootable version. Reset your BIOS to "Boot From USB". Insert the memory stick and boot your system. Just follow the screen prompts and it will do the rest. This program has fixed many Windows failures on my system very successfully and saved me from having to re-install Windows many times. It may do the trick for you.
  2. What are your PC specs? It could be an incompatibility of hardware for the motheboard. Try Safe mode and check the Device Manager for any exclamations or X's.

    It could be a PSU shortfall ora new hardware device that isn't compatible.
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