Want to buy a P5QE deluxe MOBO but all stores are sold out plees help

I live in Canada and I am looking to buy a P5QE deluxe motherboard and there are no venders on google that have this board in stock in canada or the US I have also checked loco computer stores and they dont have this board ether. so is there a way to order one from asus directly or am I SOL ( *** Out Of Luch )

MOBO - P5Q Pro Turbo
CPU Intel Q9650
RAM -4g hyper x - pc1066 cl 5-5-5-15
640 gig sata 6g wd hd - u3s6
video card - MSI R4850 2D1GOC
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  1. Ebay?
  2. newegg.com?
  3. Here is your board with free shipping! Newegg.com, I get everything from them. Love newegg!

  4. I jave a p5q pro turbo i want a P5QE deluxe motherboard
  5. Why the P5QE Deluxe instead of the P5Q Deluxe? At least the P5Q Deluxe is in stock.
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