How do you use your SSD/HDD setup?

I currently have a Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 1tb HDD that serves me pretty well. However, I am looking into picking up a relatively small SSD to use as my master, and have the 1tb be a slave drive.

I was just curious, how do you all spread out your usage of ssd and hdd combinations? Should I put all of my games/programs on my SSD and just have the HDD be a backup? Or can I just install windows and maybe video editing programs on my SSD, and the rest (games/media) on the slave?

If I were to install just windows and maybe a couple of other programs on the master SSD, would I still get the speed of an SSD when running games installed off of a slave HDD?

God I hope this makes sense...
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  1. Kingston HyperX 120 GB SSD < Windows installation and my important programs

    Seagate Barracuda 7200rpm 1tb HDD < I have 2 of these one i use for games and one for music files and video.
  2. I have a Samsung 256GB ssd for my personal rig. I installed Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Office, web publishing applications, all of my image editing software, and utilities on the ssd. I've got more room left over than I know what to do with. I use a hard disk drive for data storage, images that I work with, and backup's.

    For a small capacity ssd you could install a few of your favorite games on the ssd and other games on the hard drive. If the urge strikes you can always swap games between the ssd and the hard drive. Naturally with a larger capacity ssd you'll be able to install more games.

    The current opinion seems to be purchase the largest capacity ssd you can afford at the lowest price possible.
  3. So i have the following

    2x 128gb Vertex 4 SSD's in RAID 0 (OS /System)
    3x 1gb WD Black 7200 RPM in RAID 0 (DATA)

    so windows all programs and a handfull of my most played games are installed all to the SSD's. My data, documents, and everything else is on the HDD RAID. (Documents & etc redirected from C:\Users to D:\Data)
  4. I also have a 120 GB SSD for OS and programs and 500 GB HDD for data and a NAS for additional storage.
    If you setup your Windows you can add these two lines to registry, which completly transfers user data (for NEW users) to another drive/folder

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList ProfilesDirectory d:\Users
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList Public d:\Users\Public
  5. Awesome thank you all. I think I will end up doing the same. Set it up as main drive, and only install the important programs, then use by 1tb as a slave, and my 500gb as an external, to backup music/pics/video projects and whatnot.

    Now, to decide what size of SSD to get. I was looking at 120 gig. It SHOULD be enough, but it could also be more than enough. I really don't know yet. The main video/photo editing programs only take up a few gigs max, but then I'd need space for project files, and other misc. programs that I want to speed up.
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