What other games can I play with these laptop specs?

I decided to put this topic on this subforum since I'm pretty sure that my graphics adapter is my bottleneck if I want to play games.

Currently, the only game I play on my laptop is Warcraft 3, particularly the latest DotA custom map. It's getting a bit old for me and I wanted to know what other good games I could try out. On my previous (5-years older) laptop that also had an onboard graphics card, I could play Diablo 2 on low settings so I'd imagine that this machine could at least run some good games that came out at the middle of or late last decade.

What do you guys think are the latest good games that a machine with these specs could run?

FWIW, I'm open to expanding my RAM if that would be of any help.

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  1. On that, you if you liked DotA, you may want to try League of Legends. Its more fun then Dota Gameplay wise imo.
  2. I think I'll pass on LoL since I'm already playing Heroes of Newerth. Thanks.
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