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I have found some information on the forums about this, but I couldn't find an answer to my question.

I have an MSI p35 platinum combo. It has been the most stable & reliable mobo I've ever owned (since 2008,) but when I tried to upgrade to the latest bios version v1.3, it did exactly what I've now discovered it is infamous for: it wouldn't save bios settings, and then it wouldn't post, and the monitor acted as though nothing was connected to it (though pushing the cmos reset button, turning it on and off repeatedly, eventually could get it to post, and of course say that the previous "overclocking" settings didn't work, sends you to the bios, and after setting everything correctly, it would then proceed to return to screwed-up land.

Of course, this happened to me when I flashed to v1.2, and I was barely able to flash it back to v1.1 after several hundred attempts at getting it to post.

I now have flashed it back to v1.1, fortunately, and whatever problems I was having before with my OS's have ceased (not sure why, but woohoo!) My question is this:

Does anyone know if it is possible to upgrade it to bios v1.3, or are there any unofficial bios updates that may have been made by someone other than MSI? Perhaps a frustrated owner of the board?

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  1. why are you trying to upgrade? something not working?

    just because a update is available does not mean it needs to be upgraded.

    if it works why try to change it?
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