How much faster will SSD be than this?

Seeing how much the SSD have gone done in price lately I am considering adding one to my current rig. I am running a Rampage IV Extreme with Dual 1TB 64M Cache, 7200 RPM, 6.0Gb/s HD's set up in a Raid 0 High Performance configuration. I am pretty happy with the speed I get but I've read that SSD blows all HDD set ups out of the water? I will be using it primarily for OS and installing games to that I play frequently. I am looking at 180 gigs to 240 gigs. Will it be worth it?
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  1. I'm not asking for specific speeds or tech specs or an exact percentage. If anyone with similar setup has upgraded to an SSD I'm just wondering if you felt it was worth it?
  2. I never switched from a RAID 0, but I replaced a WD Raptor with a Sandforce 1 SSD.
    First good thing in my case was noice reduction, but also system booted faster, and much more system is really ready to go after log-on and don't need a second "boot process".
    Also applications start really fast and are closing.
    The reason is not sequential transfer, the reason is the high rate for small transfers like the often mentioned 4k IO/s. These numbers are 20x higher on nowadays SSDs compared to HDDs.
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