Why do we computer game rather than console game

Hello,I am a computer gamer and always have been, but I was wondering why we do. It's clearly more expensive, and some people cant play all games (unlike consols).
Are computer graphics really a lot better? And what are you reasons?
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  1. As far as I'm concerned, consoles are primarily for gaming only. Computers on the other hand, let you do much much more stuff other than gaming that makes the expense worth it.

    You might spend hours playing Fallout 3 or Bioshock 2... then after you're done you could surf the web and listen to music, chat, watch movies.... for the multimedia fanatic: you could record music, edit photographs and videos, create artwork... etc, etc etc.

    Personally, I also think the graphics and flexibility are better on the PC.

    In one word: Versatility.
  2. A lot of PC gamers prefer the fact that it's a keyboard/mouse configuration. The customization factor plays a big role. And as valacira said, you can do so much more wit ha PC than a console. Some games are exclusive to PC or just plain run and look better. There's a plethora of factors in that equation. Then again, some just chose both :)
  3. 1) I agree with the versatility angle; PC's are primarily for working, but the fact that they can be potent gaming machines is a bonus.

    2) My next Pro-PC argument is that consoles come with zero configurability. I like having the option to tweak, change, uninstall, reinstall, and otherwise exercise complete control over my system. Sometimes PC games are a pain to get working. This is such a good learning opportunity that I am a much wiser man than I would have been had I been a console-only gamer.

    3) One last reason which needs no further explanation: LAN parties. ;-)
  4. You can't play at 2560x1600 resolution with really really high settings. Xbox is only 1280x720 less than a quarter of the resolution of my monitor. A PS3 is still half the resolution of my monitor.

    Mouse/Keyboard is a big bonus. Shooters are more accurate and you get to play games like RPGs and RTS which require hotkeys and lots of drag selecting and clicking. Controllers are only good in fighters.

    Xbox live is something to consider. The subscription can add up.

    Load times. PCs have drastically lower load times than consoles. I saw my friend playing MassEffect 2 and load screens take a life time which would have loaded in 10 seconds on my computer, thats not even installing the game on my SSD.

    Multi tasking is to consider as well. If you consider the full cost of a console versus the full cost of a computer, maybe the console would seem cheaper. If you would buy a computer anyway (most people who have consoles definitely have computers) then just consider the price difference between a desktop computer and a gaming computer. The price difference would be about $500, that can get you a lot of gaming potential. Only slightly more expensive and you don't need to blow money on accessories for consoles.

    Also you can pirate games lol
  5. Because they killed the Dreamcast.
    I'm serious.
    I told myself 'No More'.
    I was an early adoptor to the Sega scheme....I fell right in
    I had the Genesis/Sega CD/32x/ Saturn... even had the Jaguar, 3DO, X-eye, CDX, CD-i.
    Oh yea, and I got the PS1 on release day Sept. 15, 1995.
    I was into it. Big Time.
    Then came the Sega Dreamcast, the console to beat all you've ever seen and the promise from Sega that this console will be supported for some time to come.
    Well, they killed it right after New Years 2001 basically. That was it for me, no more consoles. No Xbox, No PS2.
    I'm going PC. All my friends at that time were having a better time on their PC's, customizing their games to their liking, and at the time it seemed you just couldn't customize a console game all that much.
    Well, over the past ten years or so some things have changed for consoles. Since Sega left the console market, not one system has tanked or failed miserably or been cancelled within the first couple of years of realease. In fact their life expectancy rose to fulfill promises made to consumers that yes, "This IS The Next Level". My love for consoles died with the lies of one company that just couldn't market a damn thing and have it last. Sad thing is that Dreamcast console is still considered one of the top 5 gaming units made. Thanks to one Bernie Stolar the dream died way too early.
    Win XP was right around the corner,
    I had just completed Computer Upgrade & Repair 1 and 2 in Spring 2001
    so by October that year I had my:
    Beige Tower w/ 300 watt PSU
    Celeron 1200 (P3 core Tualatin)
    Asus TUSL2-C motherboard
    SB Live 5.1
    ATi Radeon 8500
    512 Mb Ram
    Windows XP Home Edition

    ....bought most of these parts at the Metrolina Expo computer show.
    Miss those days!
    I hooked up with the PC and never looked back...
    until this year. I relocated my old Sega Genesis model 1
    Sega CD (model1) and the 32x from a friend that had it since I let that go in 1997
    I also have the Sega Saturn and about 20 games. Since these things are pretty cheap these days and the games are fun I just couldn't resist. The Saturn was a big deal to me because I bought into everything about it early on, around the time the design sketch came out in 1993 and how it was going to kick everythings ass. That was to be until Nintendo dropped the CD and the Playstation became Sony's new toy. Sega stumbled over their own feet for the rest of the 90's.
  6. 1: Keyboard + Mouse
    2: Long-term use
    3: Higher Graphical ability

    I expect point 1 to be standard on consoles starting next-gen, making the whole console vs PC debate limited to points 2 and 3.
  7. adam_x_brookes said:
    Hello,I am a computer gamer and always have been, but I was wondering why we do.
    It's clearly more expensive, and some people cant play all games (unlike consols).
    Are computer graphics really a lot better? And what are you reasons?

    It's clearly more expensive?
    Not Really
    After you've bought the system and done the upgrades
    It's actually alot cheaper than buying a console.
    The games themselves only usually run from $29.99-$44.99 new in most cases, and I've seen some recent PC titles on Special for $12.99 "(The Club" and "Assasins Creed", for instance) that you wouldn't get hoardes of leftovers in the bargain bin to go over. They sell and that's it. Consoles seem to have many good titles then those that just don't sell that well.
    If a PC part dies it can be replaced usually by the user. If the console part dies, then an RMA is sent to a repair facility and you have to wait on it (unless for some cool reason you or someone you know has the ability to cover this repair)
    and that can be real inconvenient.
    I am just sold on PC's as the home entertainment center, it's just still in a very crude stage as the sit in front of the TV as the family item, but pushed behind the desk or sofa with the thing running full open is still the acceptable way of hooking up to that HDMI 44" TV/Monitor Screen and having some fun.
  8. I recently bought four copies of Borderlands for me and my friends, it was a STEAM sale, we ended up paying 18$ for each copy....

    PS3 and Xbox 360 copies of borderlands are still selling for 60$ EACH.... in my opinon if you are a heavy gamer (buy lots and lots of games) you will save the money you spent on a computer in two years of buying games.
  9. The graphics systems in all current consoles were designed years ago. The graphics systems in my gaming PCs were designed months ago. Which do you think have more capabilities with current games? Having said that, my biggest complaint is with the crappy controllers. I play FPS only and cannot hit anything with the stubby little joystick controller provided. I don't see how anybody can enjoy playing that way. Also, I love to use cheats which are all but non-existent on consoles.
  10. The graphics are always leading edge, and you have a lot more customization. I also like the modding ability and that you can do so much mroe then gaming.
  11. right... anyone know when the next console generation hits? so we can free ourselves of the shackles of games designed to run on 5 year old hardware?

    Like, the NEXT CRYSIS, something to make PCs cry once again.
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