Windows auto driver update - found older version

I plugged in a Linksys Wireless N USB Network Adapter into a desktop PC.

It already had internet connection(different network adapter) so I allowed Windows 7 to download and install the newest driver(or at least I thought it was the newest one). Anyways after I downloaded the driver, I went to the Cisco-Linksys website and found that there is a newer version available for download.

So my question Windows 7 or any Windows not reliable for downloading drivers? Do you think this was just for this product, type of product(network adapters), or is Windows not good for downloading drivers.

This is how I been installing drivers for year on my home PC and at work. Perhaps I been doing it all wrong. The new adapter works, but it is obviously always best to have the latest driver.

So where does Windows find these drivers? Microsoft website?
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  1. Given the likely lead times at Microsoft, you are likely to find newer drivers at the manufacturer's site than have been incorporated into Windows updates. Sometimes the newest drivers are on the chipset maker's site.

    Incidentally, why is Linksys stuff so plug-ugly ?
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