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hi tom,i have a question for u i have a misterious procesor is Pentium D inside,the manualsaid ,,Gamer's Choice S-Series Motherboards
Supports Inter Core 2 Duo Processors
GA-945GZM-S2 ,,
and 2 pictures ,one with Supports Core 2 Duo and another one Intel 945GZ Express Chipset.
In first page is
Intel Core 2 Extreme dual-core / Core 2 Duo / Intel Pentium D /Pentium 4 /Celeron D LGA775 Processors Motherboard
in another page said is Dual Core
I've try with Everest,Aida32,CPU-Z(Intel Pentium D805) and sai ,,UNKNOWN,,u can tell me exactly what is this processor?
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  1. What you see in your motherboards manual are the processors it supports... Try using your BIOS to identify your cpu although it is likely it will also report unknown. Maybe you have to update your bios...
  2. I'd normally trust CPU-Z and go with Intel Pentium D805.
  3. What's so mysterious about Pentium D processor?

    Your mobo is a Gigabyte one and it supports Pentium D processors. Can you please rephrase the question is some other way so that its a bit more meaningful.
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