Question about V8/V10 cooler in my case

Im looking at getting a Thermaltake Spedo case for my upcoming build and just watched TJharlow build a rig in that same case on youtube and use the V8 cooler and with the side fan on the case, it fit but it was making contact with the top of the V8.... Im wanting to use the V10 in my build and wanted to know if anyone knew if the V10 was taller than the V8, if so, I guess I'll have to search for a dif. cpu cooler or case.... I've fallen in love with the Spedo case though as well as the V10, I hope it'll work.

And incase you were wondering about the specs of the upcoming rig:

Asus P6X58D Premium Mobo

1Tb Samsung HD

Kingwin Mach 1, 1000watt PSU

Corsair XMS3 6gb DDR3 1600ram

EVGA GTX 480 Superclocked

Intel i7 930 2.8ghz

Asus 24" HDMI widescreen

ThermalTake Spedo

Cooler Master V10 (hopefully)

Comes to be right at $2200
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  1. v10 is a really good cooler, but i have read a few times now that it puts way too much strain on the motherboard.
    i would go with a noctua nh-d14 or h50.
    Pelter coolers have been around forever and are very underused, but they really havent been done very well. the v10 is pretty good if you want to take the risk of cracking ur board.

    If your a fan of tj, check out the fortress 2 build he made, i just built 2 machines with the fortress and it is AMAZING.
    search bing for laptop, go to tigerdirect link "12% cash back" order the case. will save u a lot
  2. Ill look up that cpu cooler. Ive also read great things about the v10 but when i saw that it weighs 2.6lbs! I was shocked!!
  3. The noctua D14 weighs the same as the V10 btw.
  4. I have the V10 and it is a b...m...f.... I have it in my CoolerMaster Haf 932. Look for the two on, in the specs it will tell you all the WxHxL of the two. As far as fitting in your case..... I have mine with the overhang over the RAM as they suggest and the side of it is right inline with the side of my board. Cooler overhang is facing the drive bays and the Vert fan is to the back of the case right above the I/O shield and the power modules. PS, it does put a little strain on the board but hey, I wanted it, and it wont do any damage to the board. Just make sure to use the back plate that comes with it and you should be fine. Check everything out good after you get it in there! Newegg has a 30 return on items, if you don't get a refund at lease you can get something else you just have to have. Send me a privet message with your email address (if that's ok on here) and I'll see if I can send you a few pics of mine to give you an idea of things.
  5. I think Im going to go with the Corsair H50
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