What would I need to run 3 monitors on this set-up?

This is the relevant spec for a PC I'm thinking of buying

m/board MSI P43T-C51 Socket 775
CPU Dual Core Pentium E6300
GPU Gigabyte HD 4670 1GB
MEM 4GB Crucial DDR2 PCS-6400 800mhz
PSU Antec - 550Watt Basiq
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition

Just wondering the best way to go to set this up to run 3 monitors. I know I need another GPU to get the 3 outputs, but
reading round the boards there can be problems setting up 3 displays with PCI-E x 16 running one of the boards.
The PC will be used for multi-tasking but not gaming.

I'm running 3 displays on my current system, Geforce Ti 4200 (dual head AGP), Geforce MX4000 (PCI) and windows XP. When I added the second GPU had no problems at all just plugged in the pci card and extended windows to the 3rd monitor.

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  1. Well, why don't you give us a budget and see if we can build something better for the same price? If you're not interested, the best option would be to get an ATi Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics card with Eyefinity support.
  2. The above PC base unit is £320 with the OS.

    You mean something like this,


    does Eyefinity complicate the issue?
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