Arctic 7 Pro Rev 2 Giving temps of 40 - 51 C

Hi guys,

I recently installed a Arctic 7 Pro Rev 2 with Arctic Silver 5 to my Phenom II x 4 965 BE as the stock CPU cooler that came with it was SO noisy! (5000 RPM)

I followed the instructions regarding the Thermal compound to the letter and installed the cooler firmly however I'm getting Idle temps of about 42 C and load temps of 47 - 51C. The strangest thing I though was the small difference between these.

Any ideas on if this is ok guys?
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    that's completly ok..
    mine is arctic 7 pro rev 2 as well on i7 @ 3.8 ghz at idle it goes 38 and load 44..
    so you are fine..
  2. Idle at 42 for that CPU seems high to me especially with the Artic Pro 7 Rev 2 which I use. What are the ambient room temps? In the BIOS, do you have C1E and CnQ enabled?
  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one. I did read that these chips run hot. To be fair... the PC's running perfectly I suppose lol.

    Ambient room is about 23 C - 24 C. I disabled CnQ but the fan still only runs at 1700 RPM rather than at it's full 2500 RPM. Also, Artic Silver 5 said there is a break-in period of 200 hours before it's fully conductive which may lower temps by up to 5C which would be 37C idle and 42 - 45C load which is more what I was expecting.
  4. One to tell how effective your CPU cooler is record the temps as soon as the Windows boots up. Wait a few minutes and run Prime 95 to see how fast the temps climd. You should also be able to hear your CPU fan ramp up according to the load. Wait a couple of minutes ( 3 to 5) and exit Prime 95, then note how fast your CPU cools back to its normal idle temps.

    With that cooler on my OC'd 955BE, the idle temps were around 35C. But then I also undervolted it slightly.
  5. You could get a better thermal paste.
  6. "You could get a better thermal paste." - Google Arctic Silver 5

    I think I'll leave it alone for now. The PC runs and it doesnt sound like im in danger of burning the chip so hey ho. If it's not borken don't fix it :D
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