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I am in the process of upgrading my computers hardware. One of the things I will be upgrading is the ram (from 2GB to 8GB). While researching I found that a 64bit version of Windows will be needed if I want all 8GB of RAM to be used. I know I will have to uninstall Windows and install it again but I want to keep all my files and programs. Is there anyway of keeping the files? Will making a backup work or will I have to move the files onto an external hardrive manually?
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    You could use the windows migration tool.
    Also having a copy/backup of files that you need would not be a bad idea. Just make sure that windows BitLocker encryption is off otherwise those files may not be usable on another system
  2. So if I were to create a backup directly from Windows all I would have to do is to restore that backup after updating the OS and it would put all my files back where they were?
  3. Yup.
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  5. I have one last inquiry. My computer has 2 hard drives. The "D" drive and the "C" drive. The "D" drive has all the files (Personal files and Windows) on it, while the "C" drive is completely free. If I were to backup the "D" drive onto the "C" drive will it still be there after I reinstall Windows? And could I use that backup to restore my files?
  6. Yes, as long as you install the new windows on the D drive and not on the C drive.
    Yes, you could use that backup to restore your files.
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