Is this laptop able to run online games efficiantly?

I saw this laptop in a catalouge and was wondering if it will be able to run wow ect. I'm a student and it seems to meet all my other needs. Here are the specs any help would be appriciated.

15.6" Medion Akoya E6214

15.6" LED backlit LCD 1366x768
i3-330M 2.13Ghz
Intel HD graphics
8-cell battery
multi-touch control panel
W7HP + MS Works + MS Live Essentials+MS Office trial
2yr warranty / 60-day satisfaction guarantee
2.8kgs with 8-cell
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  1. Its certainly not for gaming, If you want to play games then build yourself a desktop PC or buy a console. However there are a few laptops with good graphics cards, but will cost you alot.
    For example :

    (Lol @ the 60-day satisfaction guarantee, I'd love to know how they 'guarantee' 60 days of satisfaction :P )
  2. Intel is not know for gaming graphics, you will be able to run WoW on lower settings (make sure you turn all shadows to "off")

    raids, pvp, and cities will cause a lot of lag spikes for you
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