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Worried about my new PSU, help!

I just recently bought a phenom ii x4 945 (3.0) and currently have a 9400gt but am planning to upgrade to a palit nvidia gts250 to prepare myself to play WoW.
I also bought a new thermaltake litepower 430W (but says its 'total power output' is 350W). I was wondering if this psu would be able to handle my pc after getting my new gfx card. Thanks!
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  1. It may switch on, it may even work for a while, but don't expect it to last long. It's an extremely poor PSU that is not designed to run an up to date gaming machine. Ditch it and buy something with a little more quality.
  2. Thanks for the input. Good thing i can still have this psu exchanged. Would exchanging it for a thermaltake litepower 600w do the trick or should i stray away from the brand/model altogether? I was attracted to it in the first place due to the price.
  3. If you have a choice go with an Antec or Corsair if you can, but yes the 600 watt one should do the trick but I would stay away from the litepower models.
  4. Why sticking to Thermaltake only?

    For your needs Corsair VX450W is enough and a much better option than litepower series.
  5. Strange as it may sound i reallistically only have two options: the ttake litepower series or the coolermaster EX series. Both of which are in my price range. I do not have access to other brands and thought that ttake was the correct choice. Would cmaster be a better one? Thanks in advance!
  6. If the EX means extreme power series, i must say thats even worse than the thermaltake one. But try to get Corsair. Peace of mind. If it doesnt happen, then i guess, you would have to make up with extra wattage ofn the litepower 600W.
  7. I failed to mention that i have access to Silverstone ST50F-ESsentials 500w 80+, which is a bit pricey for me but would be willing to dish out extra $ to acquire. Would this be a better choice?
  8. The litepower isnt a bad PSU though:

    Though I'm not sure if the 430W is just a typo or did TT make another version thats a TR2 rebrand.
  9. That ttake 450w is indeed different from my 430w one. They have different model names. But im leaning towards the silverstone psu now after reading reviews.
  10. Ok, after doing add'l research, i have to ask if the 'FSP Epsilon 600w 80plus' is a good decision. It is, again, a tad pricier than the aforementioned Silverstone ST50F-es but i think is better across the board. Ive been reading that silverstone has some lacking features which prompted me to look elsewhere.

    PS although the corsair vx450 and antec PSUs are one of the best choices, unfortunately i dont have access to them.
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    the silverstone is a good psu. i suggest you get the SILVERSTONE! :)

    the fsp is an overpriced oversized turd :)
  12. How come..?
  13. opps, i thought he said he had a take 450w... my bad..
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