HD 4290 wont fit LCD screen exactly

ok i just finished my PC overhaul and slapped in an X4 955 and an MSI 890GXM-G65, everything is fine except that i realized the output from the integrated HD 4290 via HDMI cable did not fit the 23" LED i was using, theres is at least a .63cm gap between the desktop and the bezel of the screen on all 4 sides, theres nothing but black screen there, prior to the new PC i used this LED on my PS3 and on my old P4 PC with a 7800GS and the desktop was all the way to the bezel as it should be, im wondering whats wrong here? im using the latest 10.4 catalyst drivers, i really hope someone can help me out
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    Im thinking its a resolution problem. Make sure your monitor is compatible the one of your laptop's possible resolutions.

    Also, Check the aspect ratio XX:XX, specially if you are seeing a "movie theater" effect (Like trying to watch a widescreen movie on a regular screen)

    And, did you mean LCD? i noticed you wrote LED...
  2. its not a laptop its my desktop that has an onboard ATI vidcard, this was not the 1st time i plugged it to a PC, i used an nVidia 7800gs on for the past few months along with a PS3 and there were no problems with the resolution, i meant LED LCDTV
  3. FIXED, sorry this is my 1st ATI vidcard so i was a bit clueless to CCC
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  5. I'm having the same problem with a ATI HD 4290. My problem is only when I use the HDMI cable. With a DVI or VGA cable resolution is good (but I'd like to take advantage of the sound capabilities of HDMI).

    How exactly did you solved this with CCC? I cannot see how...
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