Inspiron 1420 xp pro audio and video playback problems

i have an inspiron 1420 that i switched from vista to xp pro but my audio and video are choppy and distorted and crackling. the only thing i can seem to find out of line is a exclamation point in a yellow circle in my device manager next to modem device on high definition audio bus. can anyone help me? i have tried fixing this myself for literally the past 2 weeks with at the very least 4 hours a day. I did give a valiant effort and i am soooo hoping someone on here can rid me of this headache! Thank you in advance for any help your willing to provide!
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  1. You probably need to install the XP-compatible drivers for those devices which have an error in Device Manager. Get the XP drivers here:

    Don't forget to select "Microsoft Windows XP" before downloading any drivers.
  2. Yeah thats wherei gotall of the drivers. I have tried installing themanumberof times.Iam at a total loss though because I still am having the same problems. :(
  3. any other suggestions guys?
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