Anyone regret getting only 128 GB?

So I'm going to purchase my first SSD in a few days (goodbye old 74 GB raptor it still runs great!)

My 74 GB Raptor only gets 69.2 GB in reality and after windows 7 + a few games it fills up too quickly. I have a 500GB secondary HDD Caviar Black but If I buy an SSD I'd rather play games on that since mostly I game and do occasional video editing + web browsing/MS office. I will also pay a premium for better reliability.

So are gamers and everyone happy with a 128 GB SSD or do they find it fills up too fast?

I'm looking at the crucial m4/intel 330 128 GB for ~$110. Any price tag over $2xx scares me so 256GBs are out but there is a corsair GS 180 GB for $165 and the intel 330 180 GB for $160. Not sure if I'll need the extra 60GB.

Ok there's a lot of questions here but here's one more: No one really recommends the Intel 330 series even though they seem to get great reviews and are priced very nicely. Is there a noticeable performance difference or am I missing something? I also only have sata II 3 GB/s on my mobo if that makes a difference.
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  1. Well for me the 128GB is strictly for my OS if i were to use one for my Games i would go with a Samsung 830 SSD, or Crucial m4 SSD as for your other question i honestly don't know why nobody really recommends the Intel 330 series i don't recommend it because i have never owned one and i don't recommend stuff based on what different forums claim about products unless i know it to be true
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    I put the 330 180Gb into my mom computer (SATA II port) since May and it run good and no problem.

    But it is more expensive than other. Right now newegg has 128GB Samsung 830 Series for $85 (w/ code EMCYTZT1974) and Crucial M4 128 GB for $90. That are the good deal.

    So you can get two 830 4 $170 (one for OS one for data), that is why no one recommend intel 330. I have both intel 330 and m4 I will say you can't notice the different between them in real world usage, even in SATAII and SATA III port.

    If you don't have the HDD/SSD Bracket, check this|17-994-072^17-994-072-01%23%2C17-997-037^17-997-037-TS

    Don't thinking about too much. Go get the 830 4 less and have fun.
  3. One thing you can consider is getting the 128GB SSD, put your raptor as secondary HDD and get a external USB case for the 500GB HDD plugged in the computer.

    You can use the SSD as primary for the OS/apps and some games, the raptor for the rest of your games and a few documents/pictures/MP3 and use the 500GB for backups and documents.

    Also it all depends of how many games will be installed at the same time.
  4. I love my Intel 330, 180 GB !! Newegg for $160 right now. The price has recently come down a bunch. I like it cause:

    #1. Reliable
    #2. 180 GB so I don't have to micro manage what goes on it (Currently have Win 7, World of Tanks & Diablo III and it's 1/3 full)
    #3. Crazy fast (compared to hdd)

    All things considered its the biggest I could get for my price range at the time. I'm sure the Samsung x 2 would be great as well, but I'd prefer just 1 drive to two. I'm cheap and that's what i did ! Once you go SSD - you will not go back !!
  5. Have 5 Systems with 128 gig SSDs. In all systems windows Plus my Programs takes about 35 Gigs. Not a gamer, so add to that the space you anticipate for games.

    If you wait for a sale on the m4 or samsung 830, New egg is often putting them on sale for $180. That would be better than the 180 gig 330.

    .. Don't Forget to disable Hiberanation - save SSD space equal to Installed Ram.
    .. Manage yopur page file, set min/max to same vale (I set to 1024 mb) this will save almost 1.5 X ram.
    Either disable or limit the Disk space that restare point take up - can grow larg over time.

    The best.
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  7. Thanks for the help. I'm going with the samsung 830 because that promo code makes it $84. I gotta pay tax + mounting kit so it's a total of $98but I'd be looking at close to double that for a 180/240. I won't be able to install my entire steam game library but that shouldn't be a big deal, I have a bunch of games installed that I haven't played for months.
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