Wireless bridge???

I have this one big question?
I want to buy two linksys WRT54G routers.
One of them will be connected to internet access and then i want to make wireless bridge to another router.This router needs to be put in client mode so it won't connect to internet.I want to connect two computers to this router with cabel in built-in 4-port full-duplex 10/100 Switch.
Is there any possible way to do this.
it will be cheaper then buying two Wireless-G PCI Adapters.
If there is an easier way please tell me
Tnx for any help guys
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  1. Yes that is very possible.
    There are settings in each WRT54G's config for making a wireless bridge. I believe the included manual will show you how to make the bridge.

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  2. Are u sure?
    So i won't buy two routers and then realize that i can't do this:((
    Well i will try and tell u tomorrow if this can be done.
  3. My neighbor has a WRT54G and it has a tab in the config for setting up a bridge. You can download it's manual off the linksys site <A HREF="http://ftp://ftp.linksys.com/pdf/wrt54gv1.1_ug.pdf" target="_new">here</A> and check it out.

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  4. I'd definitely go download the manual first. You don't actually want the second device to be a dedicated bridge. You need a workgroup bridge mode, what you called "client mode" in your post. It may very well do that too however most routers cannot bridge, inhibited by the firmware. I went and looked at the manual, searched for bridge and client and didn't come up with anything other than them talking about bridging wired to wireless and workstations (clients). I didn't look that hard though so it may be worth looking deeper in the manual. I believe that router has hackable firmware, many of them, that would probably allow you to bridge with the AP part of the router, even if you can't do it natively.
  5. i did check in manual, but since i'm a newbe in this i don't quite understand what means advanced routing! It says smth about if there is another router on network.Smth about dynamic routing over ethernet and wireless network.
    Could someone please check this for me?
    Tnx guys
  6. Sounds like what your reading is referencing having multiple network segments within your own LAN. That would be done over copper, wired. If you want to copy and paste the specific text your talking bout I, or others here I'm sure, would be happy to comment on it.
  7. I upgraded firmware on both routers.First one which is connected to internet has Sveasoft's Satori 4.0 firmware which enabled him to act as AP.Second WRT54G has Sveasoft's Alchemy pre 5.3 firmware and now i can use it as client.I could also use Satori firmware for this but supports only one PC in client mode, but i need support for two or even more later.
    Here is what troubles me:((
    When i survey for AP from second WRT i find the first one. When i check status in first WRT i see that has one client.All MAC addresses match.
    DHCP on first WRT is on, IP =
    DHCP on second WRT is off, IP =

    How can i now connect from one PC wirelessly to another???
  8. Not sure what your asking. PC won't communicate directly with each other. They will associate and go through the parent AP, your first device. As far as transfering files, that would be the same if wired or wireless. Create your shares and map to them from the remote machine.
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