Setup a 5 user server 2003 domain behind a linksys wrt54g router

Need some advice on configuring my network. I have a Linksys wrt54g router and a 5 user windows server 2003 domain. I have the Linksys setup to issue dhcp. The server has a static ip configured as All clients are issued an ip in the same range by the router.
The server has dns installed with “a” records for all the clients whose ip numbers match the Linksys dhcp ip assignment. The DNS server has the 2 name servers added that point to the ISP DNS servers, as well SOA settings. The clients have dhcp enabled and get both an ip and dns dynamically.
Here is my problem, all the server apps and files are available to all users once they login but it takes forever to login. Up to 2-5 minutes. After that all network resources work fine.
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  1. What do you mean "log in"? What protocols are we talking about here? When you say "users" do you mean they are on the client machines? Or do you mean they are coming in from the internet?
  2. the clients are local. The issue is the time it takes to login. the protolcaol is IP, as stated in the original question. This is a domain controller environment. When they enter their username and password it takes several minutes to finally get to a usable desktop. Once they get their desktop shown all network resources are available and they have Internet.
  3. Yeah I got the IP part... it was more related if you had clients connecting into the server on Terminal Services (tcp/3389), http (tcp/80), etc... ie I really didn't know what you meant by "client" or how you were expecting them to talk

    What is the first DNS server that your clients are getting from the linksys? Is it your local one or is it the caching one built into many of the Linksys routers? Also what version of the OS are your clients running? If you're running Vista or 7 you should be able to look at the performance section within the control panel to see if you can narrow down what service is causing the delay... a login time that long should be noted as a performance degradation within the logs there.
  4. Is there an issue if you try to log on locally to the client, or just if you log on to the domain?

    Why not put DHCP on the server? Does DHCP on the router update DNS on the server when there's a change?

    What OS are the clients?
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