Cpu temperature

are these temps normal for a cpu and its cores
cpu:39 min max 44(when doin tough stuff)
core0:46min max 60(when doin tough stuff)
core1:48min max 65(when doing tough stuff)
are these temps normal or its overheating
oh and its an intel core2duo E4400
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  1. A bit on the high side but nothing to be worried about now if it gets over 70 then you could start seeing some issue and over 80 the CPU could begin throttling back. I would check make sure the heatsink isn't clogged with dust or pet hair also make sure all the vents on your case are clear. If everything is clean and still not seeing any lower temps you could try reseating the heatsink with some new thermal compound. If that dont work you can always pick up a cheap aftermarket cooler which will lower your max temps some, but even if you get the biggest baddest heatsink without proper case airflow it will do nothing.
  2. thanks a lot man much appreaciated
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CPUs Temperature