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Hello.....I have a high end custom built i want to build custom neon lights inside my PC, the problem is i dont know how to do, please suggest me what to buy and how to build :sarcastic:

THANK U.... :)
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    You either want whats called cold cathode lighting or Led lighting to avoid heat in there man, put neon in a pc case and you may as well throw your cpu in the frying pan hehe :P
    google cold cathode or pc lighting to get an idea of whats out there, youll need to build an idea/plan of what you want to do, but to be honest, your imagination (and handiness with tools) is your only limit,

    have an idea of what you want, and make it happen mate.
    *edit, while I think about it, you may want to check out these links, (scroll to lower down the thread for lighting part)
    *edit over
    good luck whatever you do, and have fun :)
  2. Thanks i got an idea...i hope it helps me........ :)
  3. If you know of a place that sells pink cathodes or leds, let the Op know so he can include that as a real option in his choices,
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  5. Thanks ones again Motopsychojdr that really helped :D ............both of them are available on the market....but theres another query, that is how do you got the power supply and what is the voltage required for the cold cathod?? and i liked your custom build pc great job man 10/10 really great effort........I wish you could have build my one like that :sarcastic:........anyway how long did it take you to build the whole thing?????
  6. Erm, I started in january, it was built and running but I kept re-doing bits and having to strip it all out again, :) Im happy with it as is at the minute but I wont rule out more mods in the future.
    Mine are just powered off the molex line from the psu,Googled C.C. kit and they are as well, found this review of them, includes his votage info, yours may vary, check the box :)
    27/01/2004 Review: Questions Answered
    review by:

    operating system: Not ApplicableFor those who have asked questions.

    1) These are tubes of around 30cms long and about 1cm in diameter. they are a cold cathode tube, in other words a light! They don't give off any heat, are cheeeeeap to run, and last for around 15000 hours (normally!)
    2) they are normally used inside computer cases (that have a window in the side panel) to illuminate the inner workings of a computer, but as you have probably read they can be used anywhere there is a 12v power source (i've got four illuminating my desk using a 12v 4amp power supply i got from Halfords.
    3) The switch that comes with it controls the invertor (power supply) so it will only switch both tybes on and off at the same time.
    4) They come in different colours, blue is the most popular! and a UV version is available - this has the effect of making flouresent and white colours glow brightly in the dark - funky effect.
    5) they give off a steady light - not a pulse as someone has mentioned - he probably bought the bubble version!
    6) Fitting the switch is a simple job - take out your spare 5.25 or 3.5" drive bay cover drill a hole to suit the diameter of the switch then push switch in (it has some locating lugs to secure it. NOTE the dual tube version does not come with a round adhesive 'washer' like the single tube version. remember to position it correctly if you want more than one switch!
    Hope this helps somewhat.
    *end of review*
    you can build something you like as well man, just see the idea, plan it out and go for it :)
  7. And Thank you for best answer :)
  8. Hey Thanks man! Your post is really good.I have a high end custome built PC now i want to built custome neon lights inside my PC case now the problem i don't know how to do that.So pls suggest me why to buy and how to built it.neon custom signs
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