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My friends laptop was about £400 nothing special, just for studies and coursework and the odd play on minecraft. He got some new RAM to push it up to 8gb as hew was doing seem ram intensive programs in his spare time. When we opens up some of the back panels to see where to place it we open the hard drive compartment and low and behold there is a 1TB SSD.

What my question is is this:

If 512gb is around 450 upwards and more for the good brands like crucial couldn't you just buy a cheap laptop take the hard drive out of it and sell the rest of it for half the price I bought it for, I have basically saved a few hundred pounds on a 1 tb SSD. Would this work?
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  1. are you sure it an ssd??? here in the us a 128g ssd runs 100-150.00 and the 256g are 250.00
    over 3000.00
    I think what you saw was a nice 1tb laptop hard drive.
    i use a tool like cpu-z and read your system info. look at the hard drive part number and google it. (it may be one of those new combo ssd/hard drives.)
  2. I am inclined to agree with smorizio. A 1TB ssd is very very expensive.

    There should be a data label on the drive. What is the brand and model number?
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