Kingston HyperX 3K vs SAMSUNG 830

Kingston HyperX 3K vs SAMSUNG 830, does anyone have any experience with the two? They booth seem reliable.
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  1. Kingston HyperX 3K < Love it. using it right now

    SAMSUNG 830 < also worth every penny
  2. I guess I shouldn't have to worry if the SAMSUNG 830 is better overall than the Kingston HyperX 3K? I just keep hearing more things about the SAMSUNG 830 or at least being equal to the Crucial ssd.

    The HyperX 3K does have a shorter program-erase cycle than the SAMSUNG 830, but that doesn't seem like it would matter very much.
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    SAMSUNG 830 < great SSD

    HyperX 3K < running it now, so far flawless.
  4. Crucial M4 is worth a look also.
  5. Hmm yeah the SAMSUNG 830 has been around a little while longer over the HyperX 3K. Probably the reason why its talked about more often. Well both are good drives, thanks Area51!
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  7. Your welcome thanks for joining the forum!!!!!
  8. The folllowing all made Tier 1 in THG's SSD round up (240/256GB)

    Mushkin Chronos Deluxe,
    Patriot Wildfire
    OCZ Vertex 3 Max IOPS
    Kingston HyperX 3K
    OWC Mercury Extreme Pro 6G
    Corsair Force GS
    Samsung 830 SSD 256 GB

    Given the $180 price and premium toshiba toggle mode flash for extended life, I'm partial to the Mushkin

    The 830 is my 2nd choice

    Plextor M3 Pro.
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