HD4870 1GB @1440x900

Hello should i buy a hd4870 because i can't seem to be able to max out any games smoothly with my hd4850 512mb it will max some games but gta iv is in the 25-30fps area, splinter cell also is around 28-35fps area maxed out. Will it be sufficient for 1440x900 resoloution, or shall i go a step higher and buy a hd5850 or a gtx 285. Thanks.

My system:
Core 2 quad q9300@3.2ghz
4gb ram @1066mhz
HD4850 512m
500gb seagate barracuda 7200.12+ 300gb western digital
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  1. you might notice a boost moving to a 4870, but really it'll probably only be a very slight increase. You'll really notice a increase if you move a few tiers up the GPU hierarchy, so for example you could the XFX 4890 the only one left on newegg, but besides that i would probably go with a 5850, skip the 5830, for how much it cost you barely get a benifit over the 5770
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