Tight budget, what should i chose

hello guy , i got a limited budget for my new and first gaming pc

will actually play on a viewsonic 1280x1024
i plan on playing all game like bfbc2, mw2, WoW, dirt 2 (every kind of game)

other component

Corsair 650w tx
WD black caviar 640gb
Corsair Dominator 2x2gb ddr3 1600 9-9-9-24
normal lite-on cd-dvd burner
Antec three hundred illusion

heres the 2 option

get this combo phenom ii x4 955 + ASUS M4A79XTD EVO

+ a hd 5770 xfx

total 442$ less the 20$ mail-in rebate so 422 $

get this combo
athlon ii x4 640 + ASUS M4A785TD-M EVO

a gtx 460 1gb from eVGA

438 $
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  1. I would go for the second option!
  2. The 460 beats the crap out of the 5770. Also the 5770 is somewhat old and isn't all that powerfull
  3. Having a limited budget as you say,
    option two, the 955 and a 5770
    Theres plenty of gaming power in it and you have the option of clocking it ofc later on, but if you could afford it, maybe a higher gfx card in time
  4. GTX 460 is more powerful than a Radeon 5770, but a Phenom II 955 is more powerful than an Athlon II X4, but to be honest the AthlonII/GTX460 combo should net better results in most games.
  5. ^ you mean get not net right?
  6. Nope, I believe he meant net, it can be used in that context as well as get,

  7. if u really are on a "tight budget" then get the 640 (or even an athlon II X3) & 5770.. thats more than enough at your rather low resolution..

    but it doesnt seem that u are on that tight of a budget.. in that case jus go for the gtx 460 it will last longer than the 5770..
  8. will i get good mark with my second option, athlon ii x4 and gtx 460
  9. Like I said, that's the one I would go for!
  10. bump ?
  11. put together what you want then when you are ready to buy contact the newegg rep online and ask for a combo discount. Why settle for what they have; build what you want!
  12. PSU & RAM you wanna get is just GREAt for gaming ...i suggest you 5770 , 5830 & 5850 for GAMING { not sure about which brand is good maybe GIGABYTE } & for CPU AMD is good but INTEL Q9400 can beat it { it is VERY POWERFULL CPU } dont get i cores they are not real QUAD CORE & they are too expensive .. Q9400 can beat them too ...go for it
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