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I've had my pc for 3 years but all of a sudden DVI 1 has no signal and DVI 2 has horizontal lines but will only boot into Windows 7 in safe mode, is these anything I can do to make it work, I think I need a new card.

Thanks David.
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  1. It basically sounds like your card up and died. Try it in a different computer if possible.
  2. Thanks, I wish I could my other PC is AGP and PCI no PCI-E.
  3. Your monitors do work on the other computer though right?
  4. Yes they do, and I've changed my cables too.
  5. From everything I can tell it just sounds like your video card died. Not sure what else to tell you.
  6. Ya it's time to do the process of ilmination thing,unless you can afford those costly testers. Cheapest first the cable, then see if you can borrow a display or hook to a TV witha DVI connection, time to call in some of those favor's you loaned out way back when. And if those prove to be OK. It's either a dead card or a dead slot. Oh and if during the cable check or the display swap the display comes up check your driver if it's same one you installed and have been using before your troulbes started. If your not such when you do get it with good display make a printed copy of your hardware manager with all the plus signs open ( expand the whole file so you done miss any installed hardware or applied driver file and dates installed. Good Luck hope see the light so to speak.
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