How Does Everyone Think a GTX480 will do in a 750i FTW?

So it's going to be an EVGA 750i FTW and 1 GTX 480 with a 3.4 Ghz Core 2 Quad behind it and 4 Gigs of 1120 Mhz DDR2 RAM.

How do you think that will stack up against the i7 920s and DDR3 RAM?
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  1. Not as well, the I7 and DDR3 on the same hardware will perform much better.
  2. It will do fine. i7 920 DDR3 will be better of course, but your OCed quad will be enough to run it without major bottlenecks.
  3. Wow exciting I read that the i7s were not enough for 3 way SLI so I was curious how I would do coming from expert advice. It's nice to know I am completely capable of a GTX480 without any bottlenecks.
  4. What about 2 Way SLI in this System so 2X GTX 480s?
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