About 6 months ago, I bought an Athlon II x4 620. Since then, AMD has released its hexa-core CPUs, the 1055t and 1090t BE. Both of these would work in my board. My PC is mainly used for moderate gaming and video editing/transcoding.

My question now is this. If I can sell the Athlon to a friend for ~$70, should I buy one of the 6-core series, or would I see little increase in performance? I'm leaning towards the 1055t, since it is cheaper and I am not planning on overclocking.

Thanks for any advice you can give me.
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  1. If your Athlon II is currently at stock speeds, and your video card is powerful enough, you should see some gains in games due to the higher clock speed/L3 cache of the Phenom II. It won't be significant, but it would be an improvement, the 2 extra cores are about useless for gaming.

    Your video editing/transcoding would depend what software your using, I believe most newer software will use all 6 cores.
  2. I use Sony Vegas, and I am currently using the onboard video on my Gigabyte board. It's a Radeon HD 4200 integrated.
  3. Then for gaming wont improve at all because even the Athlon is being held back horribly by an IGP.
  4. I would save up for a new gpu that will be even with your cpu!
  5. wow i wonder.. what games do you play?? :)
  6. mostly older games, I don't think anything made in the last four or five years - one of my favorites is Quake III. My main question was about video editing, I know I don't have a chance of playing any new titles. At some point I plan to get a 5770, or maybe something similar in the 6000 series, when it comes out - there are some newer games I would like to try, but that's not anywhere near the top of my list.

    EDIT: All of the games I own are pre-Vista at the moment, but I did just order a 5770, and am looking at several options for games to buy.
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