Prime95 and Memtest results Help Please!!!!!!

I ran prime95 and memtest86 recently and was disappointed to find that either my MOBO is bad or my memory is Bad here is the problem. I ran prime and it resulted in almost immediate hardware failure I ran memtest and found numerous errors, I pulled the DIMM from socket 1B ran prime again for 9 hours at 3.5GHz no problems, I reinstalled the other DIMM into socket 2A system booted fine ran tests again with failure, I pulled the DIMM out of socket 2A and pulled the DIMM from socket 1A installed the other DIMM to test it by itself failure, I reinstalled the both DIMMS in dual channel again, no boot up just black screen. Found out that my card reader is no longer recognized this was causing a slow boot up pulled it ran again with 1 DIMM the good one no problems my question is. Is it the memory and the board or just the board? System specs. in signature.
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  1. I think you tried this just was getting little confused when reading pulling dimm out and reinstalling them..

    Try the memory in each bank and boot run test then use the other dimm in each bank run test and so. (make sure you dont use both Dimms at the same time)

    After that you get no error from both dimms running by there self try to run them as a pair.

    If you get errors try update the BIOS and that dont work I would try DIMM on another mobo make sure its not your mobo (might be fine but your mobo having problems running dual channel)
  2. If you use memtest with one DIMM module at a time (single channel mode) in the same mobo socket and it says one DIMM is just fine and one fails, it is VERY likely the DIMM is faulty, NOT your mobo. Contact the DIMM manufacturer or the place you bought it from, as appropriate, for an RMA and replacement. Check whether you need to replace BOTH modules (some are sold and guaranteed to operate only as matched pairs).
  3. OK so I installed the one dimm that is good into socket 2A no errors on either tests, so I installed the other DIMM into socket 2B to run dual channel fired right up ran prime 95 Blend test failure the other two tests ran fine, memtest found errors however just 3 this time as opposed to 32 errors on just the pretest in sockets 1A. Still on the fence as to whats causing the issue. I hope this is enough info to resolve this issue
  4. You should install ONLY the second module that is questionable in the 2A socket and test it alone. You know one module is OK when tested this way. If the test on the second module shows you a problem, you have faulty RAM. If it says there is NO problem this way, then there is something else. The next test would be to place the first ("good") module in socket 2B and test in dual channel mode. (This is like your previous test of dual mode, but with the modules in switched sockets.) If this gives you errors then there are two possibilities: the second socket (2B) is bad, or there is a problem running two RAM modules in dual channel mode.

    Here's something to check: go to the website of the RAM manufacturer and find the exact specifications for the exact modules you have. I mean RAM voltage - usually a recommended value and maybe a range with a maximum - plus the timing parameters. Now go into BIOS Setup and check what your system is actually using. It is supposed to get the required info from the RAM module and set itself accordingly. But on occasion it does this wrong and you need to manually set some of these parameters and / or voltage to the manufacturer's specs for reliable operation
  5. Use Memtest to test each RAM stick by it's self, only one at a time and in the same socket. If it says there's errors/ bad then it's bad, get the RAM RMA'd or get new RAM. Bad RAM will cause all kinds of strange things to happen! I've even seen a guy use his laptop but said it did funny thing sometimes, ran Memtest and the bottom half of the screen was just red with errors. 99% sure that the RAM is all your problem is. Don't worry about running Prime, make sure your RAM is good first, or get some good RAM and go from there.
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