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I have saved some pictures from my sd card to my computer but now the sd card is in camera it is displaying this picture cannot be displayed just on some of my images. I can see them if return sd card to computer but not when the sd is in camera. Please help me to see them all on camera again. This has happened to me before with a different camera and sd card.
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  1. If all your pictures are backed up on your computer, try putting the SD card in your computer and format it with SDFormatter. Then copy the pictures back to the SD card and see if it works in your camera.

  2. I have formatted the sd card it wiped all my pictures now how do I get the pics back onto sd card from computer.
  3. Your camera should show up with a drive letter under "my computer". Just copy the files back over. If you have a card reader on your computer, stick the card in and copy the photos over that way. Either way will work.

    It's just like copying any file from one drive/folder to another.
  4. am not havin much luck here. the images are showing on my sd card only on the computer but not when in my camera. I am devastated have lost my pics on camera i like to show family and friends.
  5. Are you sure the camera is working ok? If you take a new picture, does it show up in the camera ok? If not, there is something going on with your camera.
  6. Yes I tried that the camera ok thanx 4 ur help.
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