2x HD 5850 vs. 2x GTX 470


I'm planning to buy new graphic cards for my 980X rig beceause I'm nothing with my temporary 7600 GT card :P
Big question for dual card configuration: HD 5850 or GTX 470 ?
I hate wasting energy, so why should I choose the GTX 470s with their 110w higher power consumption?
I'd also like to watercool these cards and I don't think 2 overclocked GTX 470s and my 980X will stay at a good temperature with a 360 and a 140 radiator...
I just can't choose :(
If I forget the 2 disadvantages of the nVidia cards I'll buy them instantly!
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  1. One factor is where you live, In the UK a GTX470 costs almost £100 more than a HD5850 and roughly the same price as a HD5870, However in America the price difference is alot smaller.

    Its recommend that you have 2 seperate loops if your watercooling high end cards and a high end CPU. (Although I'm not, and have a 5850 and ci7 920 @4Ghz in 1 loop).

    For some people the heat, power consumption and noise of the GTX470 isn't a problem, However you said that you hate wasting energy so perhaps dual HD5850's are more suited to you.

    I'm pretty sure SLi GTX470's scale better than HD5850's in crossfire, so maybe the GTX470's actually have better price/performance. I'm not 100% sure, so why not check some reviews.
  2. This tends to come down to preference, the 470 has scaled better in reviews but the 5850 has a better price/performance (single card) in many cases.
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