Is it ok to partion 256 ssd ? or shouldn't i do that ?

well i got crucial m4 256 and want to partion it
is it ok , or will i have performance draw in future ?

well i was thinking about make 56 for windows and 200 for data and games install
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  1. Personally I would just create a folder named Games or Data rather than partitioning my drive; to me it's easier.

    But yes, you can partition your SSD the same way you can a HDD without any performance problems.
  2. I did not partition my 256GB ssd. I had no reason to partition the drive.
  3. alright i did partion it but now getting read around 217 and write around 207 speeds

    is it related to i'm not using sata 3 6gbs ??

    by the way i tried ahci mood but the boot take long time take long more than my hdd in id mood its fast booting but in ahci mood give me 250 read and 220 write any idea !!!
  4. yes it's aligned and i'm using windows 7 ultimate x64 and i have the last firmware already preinstalled on the ssd 000F is it the SATA II is the causing the problems in long boot in ahci mood and low speed ?
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