Current Mobo and 2.1 PCIe GPUs

I'm planning on picking up a 5850 or 5870, haven't decided fully yet.

I noticed they are 16x 2.0 or 2.1 PCIe cards.

I haven't really looking into the whole 2.0 thing, but I went back on my newegg order history and checked out the specifications on my Asus P5B-Deluxe I bought back in Dec. 2006.

I noticed it just says 2x PCIe x16. Will my mobo fully support the new cards? Want to make sure before I pull the trigger.

Here's the mobo for reference:

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    people with PCI-E x16 mobo tend to have issues with 2.1 cards, some boards work with a BIOS update and some don't. Your best bet would be

    1) check with owners of that mobo & your manufactures web site
    2) get a 2.0 card and you will have no issues
  2. Okay so 2.0 is fine and 2.1 is the issue?

    I noticed for instance, Sapphire uses 2.0 for 5850/5870s while Asus uses 2.1.

    I was actually looking into the Asus since it seems to run cooler from reviews, but I should probably pick up the Sapphire instead?

  3. 2.0 is fine
    2.1 may or may not work, you will have to do more research on your motherboard
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