E7300+GTS 250 (512 mb) bottleneck???

Hi everyone, i just wanted to get your opinion on how this combo would perform in current games. I mostly play SC2, WoW and Diablo 3 in the future. I play at 1920x1080 and I'm worried that there is a possible bottleneck between these 2 hardware. If i need additional ram would a hd 4870 or a hd 5770 1gb suffice and allow me to play at 1080p+high/ultra settings? I'm worried because at the moment this combo is only giving me around 30 fps average on any settings, even on the lowest resolution and low gpu settings. I don't know what to do about this situation and I'm hoping its just in need of a gpu upgrade. My other specs include 4 gb ram, 750gb HD, windows 7 32 bit, 450w psu (soon to be 585w). My budget for upgrade is 100-150 and would be mainly intended for Blizzard games. Thanks for your time and any help would be appreciated
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  1. Your graphics card isn't your bottleneck, its your cpu. If there was a bottleneck, but there really isn't.
  2. ok, just wanted to clear that up because i was unsure. what the highest gpu i can buy that wouldnt suffer a bottleneck from my cpu? like what is the max i can go without a stoppage or decrease in performance
  3. What you have, why would you want to downgrade your gpu, you need to upgrade your cpu, that way the gpu can run at full speed.
    If you buy the greatest gpu man can offer and have the same cpu you have, you will have near the same performance that you have right now.
  4. I have to agree your system is not unbalanced. If anything is the problem is the Win 7 32 bit you have 4 gigs of system memory and 1 gig video memory now 32 bit OS can only handle 4 gigs of memory. Now I could not see this really hindering the performance of your system, if any problem is there its your GPU the GTS 250 is an OK card, but it will not play games all maxed out. I would suggest turning down the eye candy a little and if you can maybe a slight overclock will help too.
  5. Its the same card I have and plays the majority of my games at high settings with 2-4x AA, which generally runs around 40-60 fps at 1080p.
  6. ya, my concern was that it might not max out settings at 1080p, just wanted to get further confirmation especially since its only 512 mb. perhaps any a 1gb hd 4870 would give me a 10 fps upgrade @ ultra in SC2?
  7. is it a galaxy? That's the only 250 with 512mb. Its the one I have!
  8. Nope, its a EVGA GTS 250 (512 mb)=)
  9. computerrock1, what games can u max @ full settings with your gts 250?
  10. Fallout 3, COD2, L4D, L4D2, Portal, and some more that I can't think of. Its also good with emulations such as pcsx2, it tends to play most games at 60fps.
  11. wow, impressive and this is with max settings at 1080p and ur pulling 60 fps?? then again your cpu>mine
  12. 60 fps for the most part. L4D2 may get down to 45-55 every once in a while, when the horde comes out, but besides that yes. As long as your monitor isn't bigger than 23 in. you should be fine. Also for your cpu, you can overclock it. I have a dual core myself, but I can overclock it to 3.7 Ghz. But I only see a performance difference at 3.6 Ghz. Also I overclocked the gpu to 835 Mhz instead of 750 Mhz. The shaders set to 240. Mem at 1135. Hence my signature :)
  13. nice, my monitor is a 21.5 inch 1080p. I'm completely new to overclocking but i did read on the forums that my cpu is highly Overclockable from 2.66 to somewhere around 3-4ghz. I would like to do this if it is at low risk, but im clueless to how to perform this task. If i can successfully OC it then i think i can save $ on a quad core because most competitive MP games only really utilize 2 cores at the most and is more dependent on clock speed so i dont have to worry about anothe cpu upgrade for at least another year.
  14. The biggest thing you need to do is research the max voltage of your cpu and not go past that limit, as long as you do that, your chances of damaging your hardware are low.
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