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ASUS M2N-VM HDMI Motherboard will not detect any Ide conected dvd rom or dvd writer but will if i use sata conections. can this be fixed ? or does it mean sata conections only or replace motherboard please help
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  1. You need to check your IDE settings in the BIOS to see which mode they are operating in - I believe on most motherboards "auto" is the best option as it allows the controller to use both IDE & SATA devices
  2. thanks ulysses35 i will give your suggestion a try this morning as ive tried almost everything else to no avail but will post the result for you thanks again.
  3. Are you sure your jumpers are right?
  4. Make sure your IDE port(s) is (are) Enabled. Now, to jumpers and cables.
    1. Any IDE port and ribbon data cable can support TWO devices, but they need separate identification by jumpers. An IDE port MUST have a Master device to work. You set that with jumpers on pins on the back edge of the device, and there is a drawing to tell you how on the device. Some actually have different settings for "Master with no Slave" and "Master with Slave present". Plug the Black connector on the END of the data ribbon into that Master device.
    2. IF you have a second device on the same port / cable, it MUST be the Slave. Set its jumpers for that. Then plug into it the Grey (MIDDLE) connector on the data ribbon.
    3. Exception: you CAN set BOTH deices to "CS" (Cable Select); then the one on the END of the data ribbon WILL be the Master.
    4. IF you have both one hard drive and one optical drive on one port / ribbon, it is better to have the hard drive be the Master, and the optical the Slave.
    5. If you have two IDE ports in use, those rules apply to each port spearately. To use both ports, EACH MUST have its own Master and may also have its own Slave.
    6. Master and Slave pertain ONLY to IDE port connections. There is no such thing as a Master or Slave on a SATA device.
    7. If you boot from a SATA drive, it is NOT the Master of the machine! There is no machine "Master". You must set Master and Slave jumper settings only in the context of using devices on shared IDE port(s).
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