Uneven sensor movement and stuck sensor?

P7P55D-E Pro
HSF: Scythe Mugen 2 rev. b with MX-2

My CPU is running at stock speed at the moment, but adjusted the RAM to different timings and voltage. So then I ran the blend test on Prime95 last night for 8 hours successfully with zero errors. Never exceeded 56 degrees. But now I am noticing that one of the core's temps is higher than usual at idle. Core 0,1, and 3 idle just fine around 19-22 degrees, while core 2 will idle between a fluctuating 26-29 degrees. Never goes below 26 for that core 2.

My sensor movement is also uneven it seems. In RealTemp it shows the movements as: 24 (core 0), 21 (core 1), 12 (core 2), and 14 (core 3).

I know its the load temp that I should be worried about, but is this a sign of a stuck sensor? And other than not knowing accurate idle temps, is there anything to be concerned about when it comes to shelf life and performance?

I appreciate any input, thank you.

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  1. You should be fine, but if you'd like, try speedfan instead. You might get different results, especially because it displays the avg. cpu temp instead of all the cores at once.
  2. Thanks for the advice, tried Speed fan and Core Temp but they both show about the same readings. So a stuck sensor most likely? Too small of an issue to be RMA-worthy?
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    Definetly not worth the RMA.
  4. Ok, thanks for putting my mind to ease 8)
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