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So I have 2 HDDs in my system, one of which is failing, and I've just left it in for a while as I haven't gotten round to removing it but lately it seems to have been causing some crashes. I have 2 different OSs, one on each HDD. The HDD that was the system originally booted from is the failing one.

A minute ago I removed the casing etc to attempt to remove the failing HDD (I've no idea which HDD is which inside the system) I unplugged the top HDD first and attempted to boot and it said something along the lines of boot missing, then I turned everything off, plugged it in and unplugged the lower HDD. Upon boot it said "Boot selection failed because a required device is inaccessible" (status code 0xc000000e).

Which HDD is the failing one and how would I go about sorting it out so that I am able to remove it and boot properly. I know I'll have to change boot priority but is that all I have to do? Cheers
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  1. Are they both the same hard drive?
  2. Yup, so they're both the same in BIOS too which is annoying
  3. You may have a bigger problem than you realize. If your intent is to replace a drive with a new one then install the new one (or a known good HDD) without either of the other two plugged in and see if it is detected by the BIOS.
  4. A bigger problem? I just want to remove the failing HDD, no replacing involved
  5. Nobody?
  6. Could somebody please reply, the computer is only getting worse with its crashes
  7. If you can get into Windows safe mode (hitting F8 continually at your computer/motherboard logo screen) run scan disk on both drives, another option is have you tried using both OS's? Do both of them crash? Run scandisk on the system that seems to be the most stable in safe mode. Also make sure your doing one drive at a time so you can figure out which one is the culprit.
  8. I already know which one is the problem, I've run multiple different HDD health scan programs and all point in the same direction. It has vista on, I'm now using the other HDD with W7. I just want to remove the failing one and forget about the HDD
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