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i7 with ATI HD 5730 -or- i5 with ATI HD 5850?

I am looking into buying a laptop, but cant decide on these 2. This is going to be my gaming laptop basically.
I usually dont care about HD space or heating or noise level or anything like that, Im more into pure performance.

In these 2 laptops, all the specs are exactly the same, and the cost is about the same as well.

Intel Core i7 720QM with ATI HD 5730
Core i5 430M with ATI HD 5850?

I am literally torn between these 2, and cant decide. Any suggestions of comments will be greatly appreciated

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  1. second one, no brainer, depends what games ur playing, if games like SC2 there is a exception to choose nr1, but any other type of circumstance the 2nd one.

    hope this answers ur question
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    I agree go with number 2 a little less cpu but much better gpu for gaming you cant go wrong
  3. Yup, 2nd option is better cause it has great power on graphic...
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