Best Graphics card for a 250 watt power supply gt 220 or or HD 4650

Which one is better? I've seen a few threads about this but they were mostly about ddr3 ones but I'm talking about the Low Profile 512mb ddr2 128 bit cards. They're both around $60 on Newegg the gt 220 is 625 mhz with 48 stream processors and the 4650 is 600 mhz with 320 stream processors. Can either of these run Oblivion at ok settings smoothly? I know they're not great but they have to be better than an Intel G31\G33 GMA 3100. My computer is a Dell Inspiron 530s slimline model with a 2.4ghz core2duo 3gb ram 500gb HDD with PCI E x16 or something like that.
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  1. I'm not sure, I know neither card is super powerful, and you won't be running Oblivion at Max, but need more information.

    What other games will you be playing? What is your monitor connection? What is your resolution that you play at?
  2. 1024/768 or whatever will be fine I don't care about max settings as long as I get more than 15fps I'm fine.
  3. according to Tom's the GT220 is the better card,2598-6.html

    Oblivion is not a demanding game at all. I played it on high with a 8600GT
  4. Oh yeah, other games will be Morrowind, The Sims 2, COD 4, and Crysis because if I can play that game I can play the others. For me 15+fps is playable not 30+ like a lot of people.
  5. I figured these days Oblivion isn't near as demanding as it used to be when it came out and I could almost play it on my laptop with intel decelerated 4500m GPU smooth outside and a slideshow in most interiors.
  6. Just wondering if it would be worth it to pay about 30$ more and get a Low Profile HD 5570 1gb DDR3. Would the performance difference be that much?
  7. Thanks I guess I'll get that card because I want the best card I can get with a 250 Watt PSU and I was told the gt 220 was the best but I didn't think so.
  8. One last question the HD 5570 is okay for a 250 watt PSU right? I just want to be sure because I don't want to buy it and then my computer won't boot up or burn out the PSU which might also take out other hardware.
  9. what about replacing PSU with 550w or higher? 550w lets you choose the most powerful single GPU.
  10. Slimline case plus $100 budget I just need a card that will work well until I build my new tower.
  11. if you have a slimline, you are limited to low profile cards.

    the 5570 will work with a 250w PSU
  12. Thanks, I just needed a cheap low profile card that will run oblivion. I will save the uber hardware for my next computer.
  13. hello, i also have 250 watts (dell gx280 tower) with 14amps on +12v
    can i run gt 220? :(

    btw, i also blv that 15+ or 20+ is very playable..
    v r same :bounce:
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