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I have unique need. I am about to enter the world of Hi-Def capture of 8mm films using a hi-end camcorder and special hardware and software. The manufacturer has certified the following minimum hardware requirements (e.g. tested successfully): Core 2 Quad Q8400, socket 775, Intel P45 chipset, Kingston 4 x 1GB 1066Mhz, Radeon HD4870 or HD5870 dual port graphics card and 32-bit operating system (XP Pro Vista Ultimate or W-7 Ultimate.
Also included would be the Black magic intensity pro card and Western Digital RE3 raid edition HDs (2 x 500GB) in Raid 0. The software program captures each frame of the 8mm film as jpeg on PC, so fast disks required.
My questions: Since the above is a minimum requirement, can anyone suggest higher-end options that should have a good chance of working as well? I'm a relative newbie to the inner workings of PCs, so any help would be appreciated.
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  1. i7 2600, 4x4 GB RAM, HD6970 graphics card, 64-bit Win7 (check 64-bit is compatible, otherwise 32-bit with 2x2 GB RAM), possibly some SSDs in RAID0.
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