Have a Dimension 9200 and E6400 processor, upgrade to E6700 or Q6700.

Currently my Dell is a Dimension 9200 dual core with an E6400 processor at 2.13 GHZ 2 MB L2 Cache.

I saw on the forums that I can upgrade to either an E6600 or E6700 and decided on the E6700.

I've seen advertised online E6700's at 2.66 GHZ and another just out in Q2 of 2010 that is rated at 3.20 GHZ.

I'm inserting the link below from NCIX that is currently selling for around $ 97 Canadian:

My question is can I use the 3.20 GHZ E6700 processor with my Dimension 9200 or should I have to stick with the 2.66 GHZ ?

I see a few differences with the E6700 3.20 and 2.66 GHZ in the specs at the Intel website, but wondering if that will matter.

I've searched online for the E6700 and it seems that the 2.66 is out of stock everywhere in Canada, while the 3.2 is available...thinking 2.66 may have been replaced by the 3.2.


Was searching online again today and found that the 3.2 is an Intel Pentium E6700 Dual Core Processor 3.2GHZ LGA775 2MB Cache and not the Intel E6700 Dual Core Processor 4MB L2 Cache.

When I search for the Intel E6700 Dual Core Processor 2.66 GHZ LGA775 in Canada, it says it is not in stock and won't be restocked. (mentions item is outdated).

I've found a few places in the US that still sell the Intel E6700 Dual Core Processor 2.66GHZ, however, it's much more costly that the Intel Pentium E6700 by about $100 - 200. (Also see the Q6700 (Quad core) in the US only for about $234).

Can anyone give me an opinion on what they would purchase here before I decide to purchase ?

I have a feeling the recommendation will be the Intel Dual Core instead of the Intel Pentium Dual Core after reading a few articles online, but decided to ask others that may have a bit better understanding between the 2.

Here's something I found online making me believe that I should not purchase the Intel Pentium and go with the Intel Dual Core:

Intel Pentium D CPU comprises of two dies, each containing a single core residing next to each other on a multi-chip module package. The Pentium D consumes a relatively high power. It runs very hot and is not a good OverClocker.

Intel Dual Core is the first dual-core CPU from Intel. The Dual core makes use of two cores on a single die i.e it has two chips in one package. It solves the problem of overheating of Intel Pentium D without compromising on the performance.

Intel Core 2 Duo processors are the next gen processors from Intel. It is developed with a new Architecture called Core. The new architecture of Intel core2 duo makes it a lot better processor that runs cool. Most importantly the Intel core2 duo is a super over clocker.

Thanks for any replies.
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  1. Chances are you can't the only way you can tell is if you go to dell and look up your bios and see what cpu's your motherboard can support. Unfortunately Dell doesn't really support most if any other cpu's in their motherboards except for the ones they initially put in...
  2. I've actually gone to the Dell forums and found that I can upgrade to the E6600/E6700 or Q6600/Q6700 from my E6400 with no problems....however, I can't go any higher than these dual or quad core processors that I've listed.

    Here is the thread from the Dell forum:

    Posted by keithg2 replied on 8 Dec 2008 10:48 AM
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    The maximim Core 2 Duo for the Dim 9200/XPS 410 is the E6700. The maximum Core 2 Quad is the Q6700. None of the E8XXX or E7XXX processors are compatible because of the motherboards voltage and BIOS.

    What I really wanted to know was about the difference between the Intel Pentium Dual core and the Intel Core 2 Dual.

    I've also place the question on Dell's forums, however, no one has yet answered and decided to ask at this forum as well.

  3. Yes there is a major difference. The pentium isn't a tru dual core, the Core 2 Duo is. Not only that but the Pentium is a failure of architecture.
  4. The E6700 is a dual core whereas the Q6700 is a quad core.. The choice should be pretty obvious..
  5. Thanks very much Computerrock1, appreciate your feedback.

    I had thought the Core 2 Duo was the best of the two after reading a bit online about each, but thought I'd ask at the forums just to make certain I was reading it correctly.
  6. No problem!
  7. Thanks Emperus but my question wasn't about the E or the Q (Dual or Quad), it was about the Intel Pentium and the Intel Core 2 duo.
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    Basically comes down to this, you can't run a Wolfdale in the D9200, only Allendales and Conroe's, along with Kentsfield Quads.
  9. Thanks delluser1.

    I didn't realize that a Wolfdale isn't supported by the 9200....I know the E6400 I currently have is a Conroe.
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