64 bit OS in a 32 bit hardware

can I install a 64 bit OS on a 32 bit hardware platform?

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  1. no the x64 OS will not be able to install itself onto the x32 hardware due to lack of resources
  2. that's what I kinda figure.. thanks.
    But someone mentioned that all new cpu's support an extended i64 instruction set. Not sure what that means, so any clarification on that statement would be apprecidated.

  3. what processor do you have?
  4. Yah - It's been years and years since processors have been 32 bit only. So you'd have to have a very old machine to run into this issue. And I would opine that - if you did have something that old - you'd have issues running any modern OS, regardless.
  5. sorryi, realized I have two posts.. going to close this one.

    thanks to all that resonded on this post.
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